Thank you for considering Millican Engineering for your mechanical and plumbing engineering needs. Below is a partial list of projects that highlight the abilities of Millican Engineering, LLC


*Banner Estrella Medical Center, Tower 2 – 279,000 SQ.FT patient tower adding 178 beds to existing medical campus. Included were patient floors, (4) class C operating suites, endoscopy suite, NICU, and central plan upgrades. Project completed in Revit as a design-build collaboration with McCarthly Building Companies.

*Banner Health Center – Verrado – 12,566 SQ.FT community focused facility based on Banner templated Health Care model. Facility includes the use of overhead displacement ventilation HVAC system.

*Banner Desert Medical Center Cath Lab 3 upgrades – Renovation of existing Class A procedure room into Class C operating room for bi-plane cath lab. Project included new ASHRAE 170 compliant laminar airflow array and pressurization controls.

*Ironwood Cancer & Research Center, Glendale – 12,000 SQ.FT oncology clinic including (2) linear accelerator vaults.

*VA Prescott – Mental Health – 9,500 SQ.FT mental health office that incorporated geothermal coupled VRF system, the first of its kind in the state of Arizona. Ventilation is provided thru an energy recovery ventilator. The geothermal bore field is composed of 45 vertical bores, approximately 400 FT deep each. The geothermal system was designed with a 30 year saturation lifespan and the VRF system is ASHRAE 15 (refrigerant safety limit) compliant.

*Ellsworth Surgery Center, Mesa – 5,000 SQ.FT renovation to incorporate (2) Class C operating rooms complete with laminar airflow arrays, medical gases, and humidity control. Incorporates the use of high performance, variable speed, air handlers.

*AZ Eye Center, Chandler – 9,000 SQ.FT eye surgery center with (1) Class C operating room complete with laminar airflow array, medical gases, and humidity control.

*Multiple dental, veterinary, medical office buildings, and optometrists throughout the valley.


*JX Nippon Mining and Metals, Chandler – Dehumidification system upgrades to include ground up 1,035 ton air cooled central plant producing 30°F propylene glycol brine. N+1 redundancy. New air handlers with decoupled desiccant dehumidifiers to maintain space conditions of 68°F-72°F at <15%RH.

*Capitol Stainless Spray Booth, Gilbert – Reclassify existing building and upgrade for hazardous classification use. Include new spray booth with exhaust systems and gas detection.

*Mission Tortillas Repipe, Tempe – Repipe and redesign of 30,000 SQ.FT existing production facility to be phased such that production is not interrupted.

*V55 Wine Storage, Scottsdale – Enclose 3,000 SQ.FT of below grade parking garage to create a wine storage and tasting facility. Designed to maintain cellar temperatures thru the use of refrigeration class equipment.

*United Dairymen of Arizona – DHIA lab, Tempe – New 3,500 SQ.FT product quality testing lab.

Food Service

*Fired Pie pizza Restaurant – Multiple locations including Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert.

*Denny’s – Queen Creek

*Local Bistro – Scottsdale

*Brugo’s Pizza – Cave Creek

*Casual Pint – Chandler

Marylin Offices, Phoenix – Full service Café/Kitchen for 18,000 SQ.FT office building.

*GM IT Innovation Center – Full service Café/Kitchen for 150,000 SQ.FT office building.

Central Plants

*JX Nippon Mining and Metals, Chandler – Dehumidification system upgrades to include ground up 1,035 ton air cooled central plant producing 30°F propylene glycol brine. N+1 redundancy. New air handlers with decoupled desiccant dehumidifiers to maintain space conditions of 68°F-72°F at <15%RH

*Chiller Addition, Casa Grande – Include new air cooled chiller to existing chilled water plant thru the use of primary/secondary pumping with hydraulic separator.

*Sunrise Ridge Apartments, Tucson – Replacement of (2) hydronic/domestic hot water plant with high efficiency boilers, water treatment, and maintenances focused design.

*Arcadia Del Sol, Phoenix – Emergency change out of domestic boiler at apartment complex. In close coordination with TD Industries the project was permitted and installed within 2 days to minimize tenant disruptions.

*GM IT Innovation Center – 150,000 SQ.FT. office with VAV system. Design included 1,100 ton packaged central plant including cooling tower skid, chiller enclose, domestic hot water, and domestic booster system. Packaged plant concept allowed the project to meet an aggressive construction schedule. Certified LEED Gold

Commercial / Retail

Maryln Offices, Phoenix – 18,000 SQ.FT remodel to create an executive office environment. HVAC system is composed of (4) variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems to provide office by office temperature control.

*Multiple Salons – Providing code compliant ventilation systems thru the use of energy recovery ventilators and packaged rooftop units.

*Innervision Yoga, Phoenix – renovation of retail space to hot yoga studio with radiant heating panels, ventilation, and humidification.

*Lusso Auto Group, Scottsdale – Renovation of retail warehouse into class car show room.

Custom Residential
*Allen Cowley Residence – Located in Clearwater Hills of Paradise Valley, this project has 3 stories of floor to ceiling glass envelope. A closely coordinated HVAC system uses a commercial grade Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system to maintain comfort.

*Hardt Residence – In a design-build relationship with Lincoln Air the 25,000 SQ.FT home uses ductless multi-zone split systems to provide room by room control. Included is a humidity controlled indoor basketball court/game area.

*Paradise Valley Residence – a 9,000 SQ.FT glass box in the desert uses underground ductwork to provide perimeter cooling while maintaining the “wall-less” aesthetic.

*Renovation of 68 unit assisted living facility to remove maintenance heavy chilled water plant and incorporate room by room split systems.

*Multiple spec home and custom homes throughout the state.

(*) Indicates work performed by Gabriel Millican prior to Millican Engineering.


If you would like any more information on any above project, or additional references not listed. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Millican Engineering, LLC.